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Why this blog doesn’t have “sense”

Splendor in the grass: Kojiro Navarro, 21-year-old hip-hop dancer

In the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, mean Mike Teavee complained that the Chocolate Factory tour doesn’t make sense and has no point. To which, good Charlie Bucket replied: “Candy doesn’t have to have a point. That’s why it’s candy.” Now, before I get another email trying to validate the purpose of this blog as “insensible”, I wish to declare that this blog doesn’t have to have a point. It’s enough that you see the eyecandy -sweet, bitter, sour – in this site. For those who wish to have meaning in their gay existence, there are other blogs out there with lots of “musings”, “sojourns”, “travails”, and whatever banner title they might think up, straight out of their high school papers. Maybe you will find your meaning there, as they discuss their dates, dream sequences with their crushes, scented candles in the house, and membership in a gay blog ring which supposedly advocates and advances gay rights. Right. Unapologetically, this is a photoblog – pornographic or otherwise – that will never put sense into your lives. Meanwhile, if you can stand the posts, enjoy the scrumdidliumcious photos.
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  1. hahahaha!!! very well said. You are right and ouch for those looking for meanings.. the best post ever. This made me laugh!

  2. Keep up the great work! Visiting this blog is the first thing I do every morning. Thank goodness for these ‘insensible’ pics!

  3. korak! used to regularly log in to this other pinoy gay website. kaso lately, naging CarMEE Martin y CarMEEEna Villaroel y iMEE Marcos ang drama nung baklang nagpapaka writer duon. Ay! So emotionally draining. Being gay is complicated enough as it is. Respite namaaaannnnnn! Which does not necessarily mean that I’m altogether apathetic about more serious issues nor unable to emphatize with their situations or much worse, boba at tanga (Shumapalin ka kaya ng prior statement koh) Mga Bakla!!! Balance! Balance ang kelangan sa life. Yun lang and I want to work for world peace. LOL

  4. i guess we are not cut from the same apple(or mangga for you). akala ko pa naman may class ka – having been born with a thesaurus on hand or mr. webster as a twin. bakya ka rin pala. 80 years old na si dolphy at hindi na babalik si lino brocka. tapos na ang ganoong internet age na ngayon where anything possible is said and privileged. pabayaan mo sila kung ano ang gusto nilang pagusapan. blogs doesn’t have to make sense. ponder on it, move on and embrance the real gay life or you will fall backwards like what your lady president is doing to 88.7 M. pinoys. what do you want to hear – “ang guwapo ni tsinong harry chua, ang pogi ng intsik na si harry laurel”. iyon ba? NO NO NO my dear. sa palengke at sa parlour lang nabibili ang mga iyon hindi sa net.

    have a glass of san mig on me when we have a chance to meet.

  5. me thinks that whoever said yer blog is “insensible” just earned a description for him/herself…

    “hypocrite” =)

    and besides… it’s your blog. DUH?! they’re just reading it. it’s easier to not visit a site than to check it and declare it “insensible”.

  6. maple is back from hiatus,

    WHOA!!!! ang sakit naman ng sampal ni ate. malakas pa sa jab ni manny pacquiao. bakit naman kasi ikaw puede kang mag comment sa caption mo na may sexual politics or personal overtones. kaming bloggers hindi?

    well, its still your cake and you are entitled to eat it (all). just don’t choke.

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