Rico Lazaro for Kurap

Rico Lazaro plays a deaf-mute street hustler in the upcoming movie Kurap.  He figures in some gutsy-gritty sex scenes with Jeff Luna, as the two develop a secret passion for each other while they go on with their daily chores as thieving junkie scumbags.  The naked romp of Rico and Jeff is one of the scenes to watch out for in the movie, which is slated for showing on 8 November at the UP Film Institute.  Kurap [Blink] is the latest offering from the makers of Sikil [Roni Bertubin,director and Ome Avellanosa, screenplay]. 

8 thoughts on “Rico Lazaro for Kurap”

  1. Bakit parang kahit sino ngayon, basta willing magpakita ng titi, ay puwede nang mag-artista! Kesehodang anong hitsura. Ewwwww.

  2. It’s like parang nakikita mo lang sya sa kanto. Mukhang tatay na nga eh. Pero, that’s reality right? Ordinary-looking men like this ang kadalasan mong name-meet kasi the world is not a hunk paradise naman talaga. It may give the movie a semblance of reality.

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