Hot Men in the Philippines

Bravely Baring

ModelsBecause it’s Friday, we’re conservative like this! You’ve seen them before in sexy poses and whatnots. Today Yuki Sakamoto, Laxie Villar, Erie Obsena, Mark McMahon and Antoine Guyon bare just a little bit to tickle our work-weary fancy. This may not be the Greatest Hits Hunks Collection, but I’ll take dem five anytime!

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          1. If you tell me where you live, asshole, I’ll make sure you won’t see the light of day any longer.

      1. Eto din yung nambabara kay tony dati. Di ba trh kaw yan? Haha. Wag nyo na patulan kakatakas lang ng mental yan.

  1. Pinakama appeal si Erie out of the five for me. Tapos si Mark na napakalaki pala ng boses.

      1. Well, kanya kanya tayo ng taste. For me, minsan kasi si Mark M parang tuyot tingnan. Nagpa nose job pala si Erie? di ko alam yun ah.

        1. Oh yes just compare na lang his then and now pics. Maybe that’s why I’m somewhat biased knowing his looks are not all natural. But agree naman ako to each his own so all’s good.

          1. Yep. Nayon ngayon ko lang naman kasi nakita yang si Erie, nung Century Superbods ko lang siya nakita tsaka si Culver at Clint Bondad.

  2. I’d go for Mark first, then Erie then Antoine would be last for dessert. The rest, tapon hahahahahah

    1. Oo naman. Si Henrik lagoni nga super deny na silang dalawa lang ni Erie nilibre ng trip to Bora ni Mama RP.

      10K per day to “Party” kuno.

  3. Hindi naman malaki titi ni McMahon. Maitlog lang , malaki itlog nyan kaya mukhang biggie sa mga pics ang bulge!!

  4. Si Antoine ang biggest of them all, dami nian nude photos sa France esp. nung teeny years pa nito sa France-Hubad Kung Hunad… Kaya favorite xa ng mga photographers here and abroad kc walang keme sa Hubaran mapa frontal or pubic hair exposure… Malaki etits nian, at very game sa mga Manager/Handlers, Photographers and Fashion Designers.

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