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Okay, help me out guys – I think I’m just seeing things in the images above. Do not ask me about his name, but the visual feast is located down there. That one big stumpa-lumpa inside the tighty whities. Or maybe he just stashed his mobile phone inside his jockeys.
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  1. For a 60-year-old, the bloke looks fit as a mate in his 20s. The age of course is an exaggeration–my exaggeration, but the face and the bulk of the body would suggest he is in late midlife. The meat squeezed inside the skimpy white briefs looks big indeed but it doesn’t arouse me or make me want to swallow it whole. I’ll go back to him when I’m desperate. Next guy, please.

  2. if i’m not mistaken, this guy used to be a masseur at the defunct blue hero spa. well at least he resembles the masseur, who had a similar build and “bulge”. i think his name was marco.

  3. uu nga. para siyang macho dancer na matanda na. nasa 32y/o pataas na ito. may mga fats na eh at ang nota – mataba lang, ndi nakakabulunan pag sinubo. ahihihihi.

  4. that’s true i tried him sa blue hero spa…it’s a lump that is not attractive at all… he was too tight to show it…even touch it,,,, while we’re on course….

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