Dingdong Dantes
The 8 Cosmo Centerfolds

l-r: Jon Mullally, Paolo Paraiso, Joem Bascon
Bruno Folster and Marvin Wijangco

Derek Ramsey and Luke Jickain

It was a screamfest. The Cosmopolitan Bachelors’ Bash was a howling success, judging from the deafening shrieks from an audience gone wild over the eight Cosmo centerfolds who showed up, plus the other daring men who walked the stage shirtless and sometimes, in their bikinis and skivvies. Derek Ramsey drew the loudest reaction from the crowd, as well as Dingdong Dantes and a revved-up Luke Jickain. While Joem Bascon was cutesy and Jon Mullaly aka Jon Avila was bashful, Bruno Folster and Marvin Wijangco were working the audience with their charm. Of course, Paolo Paraiso, who went in first, threw his shirt to the audience and walked the ramp, confident and sassy. And then there was Dingdong Dang-Teats, in a dramatic entrance. For a while I thought he’ll just stick with his shirt on. But then again, he simply ripped it up and proudly strutted the catwalk.

3 thoughts on “Smorgasbord!”

  1. The show was great. Well compared to last year which was.. hhhmm.. kinda boring, production-wise. To production numbers were great and the concept was fab! I also loved the music. I did see a lot of gay men among the bachelors though. Or maybe just more gays this year. My assessment: I loved the show, but I like the bachelors from last year better.. (although I did love seeing Aaron Tuiza!)

  2. aaaayyyy!!!! I love papa joem!!! ang gwapo gwapo mo!!!!

    kaloka si dingdong… I’m sure alangan sha mag alis ng shirt, nag give in na lang sa pressure. hahaha. Pero in fairness di naman mashadong masagwa ang kanyang much hyped nipples 🙂

  3. Ang galing, nice!

    Ang mahalaga comportable sya at confident sya sa ginawa nya…

    Great show, good job DONG!


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