Bikini Open

You know everything’s going back to normal when the bikini competitions start to sprout. And when Allen Ong Molina, the ultimate bikini open regular and consistent winner, re-appears from one-piece oblivion. He’s competing in the Cosmo Manila King & Queen contest, dubbed as “the search for the risqué runway models.” They had me at risqué, so let’s see.

25 thoughts on “Bikini Open”

    1. Teh,
      May kalat jabol na nga sya eh… di alam ng asawa.
      Malamang ngaun nakaamoy na sya kasi may pambayad na ulit si Allen.

    1. Wrong ka ses!
      Kalat sa mga mowdels ni Shobi at Bembem na tumuturok mga yan.
      Di lang nila inaabuso o parating nag-iinject kasi mas gusto nila ung ganung katawan lang.

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