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Bryan Soriano Racy

Twenty-year-old Bryan Soriano was one of the more prominent contestants in the Ginoong Pilipinas 2009 pageant. However, he did not bring home the top prize.  Prior to qualifying in the finals, he was a runner-up at the Ginoong Metro Manila 2009 contest. Just a bit more working out and he’s good to go, i.e. win some of the bikini contests in town.  
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  1. skulmate ko to sa fatima university QC.. tourism sya at pahada.. mejo mahangin ang dating lahat na ng kontes sa skul cnalihan.. pang cheap na bar naman sya nbbagay

  2. Who won the Ginoong Pilipinas 2009?

    Please post the pictures of the winners.

    Bakit nauma pang nai-post i tech eh luz valdez pala sya.

    Maitim, maraming kamot at maliit ang bukol…

    pero parang masarap i bottom.


    post his numbers na rin.

  3. What’s with the left photo? Parang namatay yung lower part ng katawan niya. Accidental death by photoshop ba ito? Bagay ito sa Hehe.

  4. dami mga lukaret kesyo may kamot, kesyo maliit ang bukol, wag ka gusto din naman nila pagnaghubad, natural maliit ang bukol dahil di pa matigas, at e ano namn kung may kamot.

  5. RD! Finally, you post Bryan Soriano. been waiting.. Thanks. You got his contact no?

    For the guy who knows him (skulmate), do you know his contact number? Pls send on email. or yet, publish here. Again, thanks.

  6. Is this number real? Is he open for hire now? How do we get with him? I hope he’s not suplado and nice to people.

    For the guy who posted his number, how to do approach knowing and getting him?

  7. daming tanong bngay ko na number nya kau na bhala pumorma sa knya.. tga dahlia fairview yan.. tingnan nyo FS nya may pic sya ksma sa ocean park gay.. type nyo fs…

    young master B

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