If you’ve seen the trailer of the new movie Santuaryo by Climax Films, chances are, you’ve also watched this guy running nekkid – teabag, dick and all – on the beach. He is Gino Quintana, a regular bikini open contestant. The 5’7″-tall Gino appears for the first time in a movie, and daring at that! Santuaryo is the story of a bunch of guys beached on a deserted island. Six guys, one island, zero underwear – you do the calculus. The movie’s showing on 17 March 2010 in selected theaters.

30 thoughts on “Fetching”

  1. makinis ang balat, maganda ang kutis ng mukha, maamo ang mukha, mukhang mabango at mukhang malaki ang titi!!! grab na mga sisterettes!

  2. He is good looking , innocent and fresh but you know how the movie people worked to their actors, i supposed dami ng gay sex experience nito, I should know!

  3. where? where?! where can I watch such trailer? sandali, saan na ba makakapanood nyang mga indie indiehan na queer films na yan. Dati kasi puede kami makipagpatayan sa UP to watch notas all galore but that last happened with Sagwan. Yun naman sa Robinson’s harang, ang mga nota laging wala, tuloy wala ng kabuluhan ang mga films na ginawa at prinomote na indie at queer para pagpistahan lang ang kabaklaan tapos nawawala pa. ano kala nila, may interes pa kami sa istoryang wala namang saysay? indie noh!

  4. does someone have the uncensored/unsanitized trailer? yung bago kasi tinakpan na yung alam nyo na… kasi lecheng youtube!

  5. he has raw sex appeal, masculine and inviting.

    rd, can you please post the daily schedule? i mean, which movie is showing on what date..i’m from laguna, and i’d like to watch only those i haven’t seen before. napanuod ko na ang daybreak, so yung iba na lang na gusto ko ang panunuorin ko..

    thanks in advance.

  6. sarap naman makipag jugjugan sa beach with thi guy! rd tanong ko lang sino endorse mo candidate sa amin? haha hope its gibo!

  7. his body is just right, musceles in the right places, devoid of fat, but gifted in the crotch area. tama ang isa dto, maamo ang mukha nya, parang safe sya kasama…at sarap nya i baby, at i fondle hanggang sa tumelag ang kanya…

    definitely one of the sexiest guys posted here.

  8. I saw the trailer, nalagyan ng black paint yung scene na tumaakbo sya with his penis out. Sana hindi ma sanitize in yung movie.

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  12. to anonymous who commented on 18 feb 9:05 am
    Dapat GIBO…
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    Isipin mo lang si Kristetang Lukaluka e nasa malakanyang na..

    mag esep esep ka nga!

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