Green and Bare

So, it’s December already and I’m thinking it will be summer in a few months. I’m dreaming of the beach and cool drinks and long vacations. Plus the mandatory bikini competitions during that time. Think of all the boys in outdated tiny underwear prancing on stage. For example, here’s Christopher “Chriz” Villarba, featured more than a couple of times here already. He’s another one of those familiar faces [and crotches] in ’em bikini shows in town. He has won quite a few and still he’s going at the prizes next summer. The neon green thongs look sexy, too.

26 thoughts on “Green and Bare”

  1. nalaglag talaga ang panty, este, brief ko dito hayyz..and the color of his bikini matches the color of my room, which is a burst of i wish he is now in my room in that resplendent bikini gyrating until i have a hard-on looking at that crotch..i’m sooo harrrd now just imagining christopher and visualizing his cock under throbbing into my mouth…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sheeetttttttttt

  2. Ganyan dapat ang mga sinusuot ni Kristoffer King at hindi yung cheapanggang brief na muhkang nabili sa bangketa kasama ng mga lighter, pangtutuli, padlock, at pardible! Hahahaha!

  3. tangina, instant hard on na naman ako… chris villarba never fails na ilabas lagi ang libog ko sa lalaki… sige pagjajakulan na naman kita.. hay

  4. tangina naman talaga! ilang beses ko na bang binalikan tong pic nya to? andami ng tamod nailalabas ko sa lalaking to ah….

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