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Julian Binarao Uncovered

Twenty-year-old Julian Binarao from Cavite is a very familiar face in the bikini pageant circuit. That’s because this 5’10”-tall aspiring model has already joined and competed in practically all the bikini contests in the Philippines, from Fort Ilocandia to Bicol and back in the big city via the see-through festival, Ginoong Pilipinas. He has not won any major title yet. However, Julian Binarao is unfazed as he still continues to join ’em competitions this coming rainy season. Right on.
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  1. Mereseng vherde ang dugo niya, type ko siya, grabe, cute niya. What happened sa Heatwave 2009, wala ng balita eh, sino ang nanalo o natuloy pa ba ang finals nun. Nga pala, Julian’s from Pasay City.

  2. I don’t care about Cathy or whatever. His body looks so boyish.He’s yummy. Maputi. Sinira lang niya ang landscape with that tatto above the pubic area. Punta na lang siya sa akin at ako na lang ang magbibigay ng beauty title with matching prize sa kanya.

  3. yes, anonymous June 19, 2009 12:29 AM:
    nakita ko yung pic na yun at ala e bigla ako nagka utog. sarap nya himurin e, at chupain ng tunay na tunay. kakalibog ang batang ire e.

  4. Carlo won the Heatwave’09 (great physique indeed), ist Runner Up is Bacani (need to develop more the body) and Jay 2nd Runner Up (need to remove the “fake” crotch!

  5. ka-cheapan talaga ang pagpo-promote ng GMA shows dito.


    Please wag mo kaming idamay sa kabaduyan mo!

  6. Any one knows kung pa’BOOKING” si Julian and how to get in touch with him.. I think he’s cute and yummy ..thanks guys..

  7. GMA ARE YOU THE NEXT BIG STAR EVERY SATURDAY 7PM HOSTED BY REGINE VELASQUEZ…hihihi mangisay ka sa galit… kacheapan at kabaduyan pala ha…

  8. okey sana yung skin kaya lang ang face nya ay medyo burog, so kailangan nyang magpa plantsa k belo.

  9. I saw Julian last weekend together with and old effem gay. I’m just not sure if the gay name is “Cathy”. Lucky gay.

  10. I saw Julian last weekend together with and old effem gay. I’m just not sure if the gay name is “Cathy”. Lucky gay.

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