Leighton Mister

He used to be very visible and transparent in the sleazier bikini contests a couple of years ago. Leighton Galzote of Ilocos Norte first appeared on the bikini scene as a contestant in the Ginoong Pilipinas 2006 contest [won by Alvin Asuncion a.k.a. Ken Escudero]. He represented Laoag City and he won the Ginoong Pilipinas-Mindanao title, sort of a runner-up award. He then hopped on to the Hataw Super Bodies 2007 competition [title went to this Kish McBride guy] plus a host of other small contests which required him to wear the tiniest of fabrics. After exposing himself in the sleazefest event called All Out masquerading as a fashion show in Metro Bar, he disappeared from the scene.

19 thoughts on “Leighton Mister”

    reminds me so much of my latest BFF – a Tamil. oh, those dark dicks spewin’ jizzy sticky male joy juice is a sight to behold. their bodies smellin’ sweet cummin, fresh curry and pungent coriander. WOW! now if i can only remember how to spell his last name. well, i’ll call him TIGER.

  2. na gets ko na yan dati pa nung time nung all out sa metro bar. yung bugaloow nyan yung baklang mahaba ang buhok na nag organize ng show. 5k lang. pero performer din sya at hindi leila dee. reggie regalado nga lang.

  3. ilokano nga maitim hehehe pero cute naman at sexy. kakalibog talaga pag maliliit ang bikini at tight

  4. RD, nagluka lukahan ka naman sa pag post ng chakang pic. No ka ba, schizophrenic? Minsan maganda, minsan panget ang pics. Eto ang super pangi8t hahaha.

  5. ang kapal mo bakla buti nga binibigyan ka ni RD ng chance ng makapanood at makapagparaos ng libog mo na libre tapos tatawigin mo pa ng schizo si RD, ang bakla nga nman walang ibang asset kundi ang kakapalan ng face!

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