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Rei Hernandez sizzles

Here’s another student of, yes, the esteemed Far Eastern University – Reinard Hernandez. Twenty-year-old Rei is the current title holder of the Mr. Sexy Body 2009 prize. His win in the first bikini contest that ushered in the summer season paved the way for more runway projects [and contests] for this hunky chinito.
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  1. hmmm… suki talaga ang FEU students sa mga cheapy cheapy bikini contests sa tabi tabi… that says a lot about this prestigious university.

  2. Hes my kapitbahay.. Nagpopose pala ng ganito to.. He has a stretch mark on his kilikili.. MAy ari ng comp shop sa concha tondo.. Si ARIS.. Mabait xa.. Pero hindi mukhang mapagbigay.. Ewan natin…

  3. this pair of trunks has been overly used already by the those who availed of the photography services of ian felix alquiros (tama ba?) mukhang favorite apparel ito for the photography ng clients/talents niya. i have a friend, si hiro torubo. ito din pinasuot sa kaniya ng mag shoot siya.

  4. to anonymous april 15, 2009 5:26 pm

    naku, hindi naman siguro lahat. dami ko kaibigan na bedista na mga guwapo pero di naman pa booking.

  5. ayyy may ng react! away ititch!
    khit san naman eskuwelahan may pa book! ang point cugro ng baklush na yan,madami sia na book dun? pero mas madami sa u.e.! at feu! at jru! yun tlga,may i sneeze ka lng booking na agad!

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