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Gratuitous nudity and sexy shirtlessness is the theme for this weekend. Not that it’s the theme all throughout the year in this wayward site. Today’s extra special, because – love him or hate him – he’s got a huge surprise for us all! We need more photos like these and they can’t be shared enough.


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  1. Rd, ifeature mo ulit ang mata twins. They’re now reunited. Therefore, i conclude that based on: Looks=Tanner; Body=Tyler

    1. MaAppeal si Tyler, ung tipong pang kama.. Very naughty ang aura, while Tanner is ung boyfriend material na sarap alagaan! Ahahaha.. #BekiFantasy

  2. sarrap talaga ni miko! bahala kung anong gender preference nya! di ko sya tatanggihan kung papatol sya sakin! dream on…. hhahaha!

    1. Mahal ang quote niya teh. Pag tumawad ka, kunwari galit. Later on, papayag. Hahahaa. sarap niya! at palaban ha lalo na sa laplapan at BJ. king-ina.

    1. obvious talagang baguhan ka dito gio, hindi mo pa nakita ibang pics at video clips nyan or else hindi ka magcomment nyan

  3. Proven he is a Filipino because of his body hair aside from the physical appearance of his cock. I observed Filipinos are the hairiest boys of all Southeast Asian nationalities. Not hairy or body hairless Filipino boys are just minority on their country.

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