Hot Men in the Philippines

The Color Purple

Erstwhile Lips Bar regular Cris Quizon a.k.a. Clark Campbell gets decent this time and wears small purple swimwear, not the shocking see-through ones. The guy’s been through the A-Z of bikini contests around the metro and in other provinces where men in thongs competing for measly prize money is now widely accepted. Now that he’s become a familiar face in the racy competitions and he’s aged a bit, will Cris finally hang up his shiny jockeys this year?
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  1. cris quizon pala sya. yup, i have seen him in a show, and he’s uber hot. ang hirap lang kasi makilala, may nakabakod na bading. is he from the quizons of showbiz? i like his crotch, yummmmmmmmmy!

  2. Eh another pabooking na guy! Next time maghubo’t hubad na din sana ito at wala na syang maitatago sa sangkabadingan!

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