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The holidays are over. It is time to brace for work weeks ahead! In the meantime enjoy and relax, just like this guy over here. A familiar face in the bikini open circuit, Christian Navesis has been around competitions in and around the metro. He has also modeled for the gay mags some years back. His biggest break came when he was cast as one of the supporting actors in the exotic show boys movie Twilight Dancers. With the onset of summer a few months from now, we should be expecting Christian Navesis once more in his tighty whities [or skimpy Speedos] on stage.
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  1. Nawala na sya ah, dati laging laman sya ng mga bikini contest. Maganda katawan nya at matangkad pa. Di nga lang masyadong bongga ang pez, parang tibo. hehe

  2. RD sana this year mag feature ka na ng mga varsity basketball players. ang hot nila! tsaka yung mga pahadz.

  3. Ay masarap sya pramis nahada na ito ng friend ko dati sa Sta Lucia, free lang kasi siguro horny ang mama. Masabaw daw sobra.

  4. o ayan may nag claim na. pansin ko pag cheap ang lalaki na pinopost e madami claimants haha. pansin lang naman.

  5. at least now parang pabalik na ang site na ito sa natural, that is really sexy, titillating poses, hindi na pang-kinder. keep it up baby.

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