Christian Navesis eats anything

It is such a puzzler how some people can gobble up anything in sight and still remain trim and fit. With enviable abs, of course. Take for example, Christian Navesis, who can chow down the unhealthiest of burgers and can still retain such killer bod. Maybe, it’s in his genes. Or metabolism. Perhaps, it’s the discipline and time to go to the gym. Or his ability to regurgitate after a big bite Just the same, this 23-year-old freelance actor and model is preparing yet once again for the onset of summer – bikini open season! Hopefully, we’ll see more of Christian Navesis in itsie-bitsy bikinis in the months to come.

10 thoughts on “Christian Navesis eats anything”

  1. talagang 23 yrs. old lang sya? parang hindi naman? ang tagal ko natong nakikita sa mga bikini contest, baka naman yung no. nya pagsumasali sya sa mga contest 23?!

  2. grave mga sisters! super laki ng utin nito as in…mapupunit bilat nyo…grave siya as in …masarap amuy amuyin titi nya mabao namasarap as in grave!

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