Dexter and Jay

Who’s hotter now? Is it Dexter Castro or Jay Santos? Dexter Castro is 5’8″ tall and was last seen in the provocative video Erotika: M2M 2 [The Art of Striptease and Sensual Dancing]. He has appeared as a bit player in various movies and shows on tv. On the other hand, Jay Santos is 5’10”-tall and has graced bikini contests in town.

6 thoughts on “Dexter and Jay”

  1. “this is not the kind of party i planned, but like the people around me”


    quote from hillary’s withdrawal speech as a presidential nominee.
    …gay, women, right to life, immigrants, etc. has lost the chance for a friend to vouche and be their voice on the political world forum. a sad day indeed.


    you are one angry old lady. isang araw ma-i-stroke ka o ma-ha-heart attack ka, sa init ng ulo mo.

    RD watch out. these are the kind of people who brings the curtain down on a good blog site. and it’s already starting. count the comments from this weekend?

  3. in fariness kay dexter castro, napaka loyal nya sa manager nya!! ilang beses ko na sya inaahas kay jun noya aba ayaw!!! kahit malaki ibibigay ko!!! naku, sasabunutan ko ang jun na yan kahit alang buhok, masyadong maganda!!!!

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