The younger one on the left is Adrian Asor while the other’s Bembol Cabasal. They competed against each other three years ago and Adrian edged out Bembol for the Bikini Frenzy title. Back then Bembol was already old [in bikini open years, yeah], late 20s actually, and yet he was still packing it in with a hot bod and nice physique. Bikini open season is coming in a few months and let’s see who’s bringing in the goods in itsie-bitsie teeny weenie bikinis!

28 thoughts on “Double”

  1. yung bikini frenzy contest e sponsored by Ricky Reyes yun sa Calatagan resort nya. inferness to Mama Ricky, hindi nya ginagalaw ang mga models nya di gaya ng isang matandang bakla na may ari ng pabango. Laging Minamanyak models.

  2. ano ba yang si bembol, wala ng paglagyan ng ano nya. pagkalaki laki sana iniwan muna sa package counter sa SM…

  3. magkano po ba singil ni Adrian ? I heard pabookng sya noon pa man. Hawak sya ng isang designer based in Iloilo, ung may shop sa Boracay D’Mall. Ewan ko lang till now..

  4. Type ko yang Bembol na yan noon pang mahaba ang hair. Magana mukha nya in person. Maganda pa katawan at ang bukol ha!

  5. Adrian is settled alaga sya ng isang rich gay, he doesnt need to join any contest now, may gf din yan at ok lang sa gay papy nya, sustentado pa nga sila, guess they work it out well

  6. mayaman yung rich gay na nag alaga kay adrian, they own a school, private school. every one in the bikini contest knows it. hatid sundo pa yan dati.

  7. Kudos to mama Ricky, hinde naman pala lahat ng katulad niya ay ngte take advantage kaya blessed. Mabuhay ka!

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