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Marc Luther Dulatre whips it up!

It’s pretty amazing how twenty-three year-old Marc Luther Dulatre can possibly put up a brave front… Hmmm, let me re-phrase that. It’s pretty amazing how Marc Luther Dulatre can possibly put on the itsie-bitsie teenie-weenie bikini in public. Of course, he has a good physique and he can get away with it, too. Marc was last seen as a contestant at the Sta. Lucia Mall’s Sexy Body 2008 contest. He has won quite number of bikini contests in the past.
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  1. omg… i just know why he can put up that itsie bitsie bikini with his to die for body…because he has itsie bitsie “frontpiece”… nothing more special. just the body..but the one attached to it..seems to me just a forgetful accessory

  2. para syang distorted version ni frank garcia, yung model na kasama dati sa rexona commercial. (asan na kaya sya?) kaso, di ko makita ang bukol ng marc anek anek na photoshop ba? o talagang hugis pekpek ang etis nya? hahaha

  3. kailan ka mag pose sa frontman??? ganda naman katawan mo. ask your manager mell navarro. nagdadala sya ng talent dun. i love to see u pose sa frontman. sana sexy shots ha…….abangan ko po yan…..thanks

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