Patrick Perlas sparkles

This tall male model by the name of Patrick Perlas might just wing it at the Mr. & Ms. Expo World Philippines pageant.  Pre-pageant judges are taking note of his confidence, bearing, built and eloquence.  Patrick Perlas is one of the tallest and brawniest candidates in this year’s contest.  Pageant night will be next Monday, October 6 at the Metro Bar along West Ave., Quezon City.

8 thoughts on “Patrick Perlas sparkles”

  1. Mr. and Ms. Expo Philippines must be the “Crowning Glory” of the Local Male Pageants, I can’t comment on the Ladies yet because I still have to seen a candidate.

    The Male Candidates so far are not just Mediocre, simply one of the best you’ve seen in a Local!

    `Nuff said! 🙂

  2. What fine BUILD Patrick has (built is verb or adjective; am taking note of this because this is not the first time the word is misused in this blog). It is classic physique, as compared to the bodies of Jon Avila and Brent Javier (nice but not, well, “classic”). Sex appeal, however, is low.

  3. Mare, naku kinorek si RD sa grammar. hahahah.pero inferness, ni research ko ke Webster, ayan cut and paste:

    1. Built, n.
    Shape; build; form of structure; as, the built of a ship.
    [Obs.] –Dryden.

    2. Built, a.
    Formed; shaped; constructed; made; — often used in
    composition and preceded by the word denoting the form; as,
    frigate-built, clipper-built, etc.

    Like the generality of Genoese countrywomen, strongly
    built. –Landor.


  4. BUILD OR BUILT intendido na yan!
    bakit dapat bang napaka specific ng dapat mong gamitin word dito? umariba na naman ang mga nagpapaka talino dito,nagpapa impress!

    tigilan na nga nyo ang mga ganyan ka ek ekan , Kung gusto nyo dun kayo sa senado makipag debate at dun maraming ganun mentalidad na gaya sa inyo!TITI lang naman ang katapat ng mga utak nyo ang dami pang mga tienes tienes na mga to!

  5. Just like most of the loyal readers and patrons of this bog, I am also after the visual treat the site has to offer. And we are forever grateful to rd for that. As such, I don’t really have the habit of posting my comments lest I get branded as a know it all brat by some readers who are quite fond of brandishing their kind of tart remarks without even thinking twice whether it will be helpful or worse, just add more fuel to the fire.

    The comment made by Anonymous (11:05 PM) certainly belongs to that type. I am most certain that the comments made by both Anonymous (1:48 AM) and chesca did not mean to insult anyone and most especially rd. I am also quite sure that rd did not take offense by it. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have printed it.

    But to say that all the readers here would only want to see flesh and dicks and not care about how we construct our sentences or to just leave that area of concern to the senators is truly a sad indication of the poor state of education in our country.

    I am most certain that should this comment of mine sees print it will be lambasted by some who might have gotten offended by it. No problem with that. After all, it is a free country. Besides, I do not anymore intend to further respond.

    Peace to all.

  6. myself being a fan of this blog has taken a back seat and taken on the role of a looker and reader. why the change? the blog has changed. it has evolved to become a mere open battleground for feisty, nitty gritty picky faction of our society. you know that kind who has never accepted reality, frustrated and disappointed why their lives are what it is and forever envious of other people. these people try to find reasons to blame or to equate their misfortunes. they become vocal. and this blog is the perfect free ride. talk is cheap they say, so is internet time.

    sit down and do some self-examination. it’s NEVER too late my friends. there is always room for change and advancement. get an education. if you have to work abroad to earn good cash (for a while) then do it. and then continue with your chosen life, wherever that may be… LOOSEN UP AND AWAY WITH THE ATTITUDE.

    ENOUGH…i have to pace myself back into my aft seat. GOOD LUCK!

  7. poor soul , he was so touched by the comments on his comments ha ha ha ha ha! natorete ang lola mo!
    tigilan na kasi ang pag papaimpress, eh kung yan ang purpose mo para mag educate ng mga maling salita dito eh d gawin mo, tutal sabi mo nga nasa free country naman tau! yun nga lang inconsistent ka pa rin , at ang dami mong ka ekekan sa buhay!

    bakit ,kaya ka ba nagbubukas ng blog na to para matuto ka pa ng kung anik aniks sa buhay? d ba kalibugan lang naman ang nag da drive sau para magbukas neto? kaipokrituhan ang mga sinasabi mo!

    sinong gagong magbubukas ng blog na to na magsasabing kaya sya nagbukas neto dahil gusto nyang ma educate pa sya ng mga tamang gamit ng salita at kung ano ano pa! ulol! magpaka teacher ba?

    and mind you po , tingnan nyo muna ang sarili nyo at kayo ang matutong tumanggap ng realidad dahil parang d nyo alam kung ano ang kinatatayuan nyo at kung saan kayo nakatayo yun lang po at maraming salamat!

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