Peter Ojano is cute

There is a video somewhere of  Peter Ryan Ojano where he goes on stage in a bikini and dances like a lap dancer on his first night at work.  That video was taken, I think, at the bikini competition in Sabangan Cove in Santiago, Ilocos Sur, where the contestants were required, mandated and directed to trip the light fantastic wearing teenie-weenie swimwear. This Adamson University student, as I’ve posted before, has so much promise and potential – tall, cute and fair-skinned, but methinks he’s going the wrong bikini route.

3 thoughts on “Peter Ojano is cute”

  1. I love you, RD.

    I just came all over my laptop.

    Bulbol sa kilikili, bulbol sa singit. AAaay, I only have love for you, RD.

    Thanks 🙂

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