The Amazing Transformation of Jonas Cabuay

In keeping with the theme of this year’s Body Shots modeling competition – Reborn, here’s veteran model Jonas Cabuay, one of the finalists. Top photo was taken a couple of years ago when he was still a fledgling model and bikini pageant contestant.  Lower photos are images from the Mr. & Ms. Sexy Body 2008 bikini contest where Jonas was one of the contestants.  My point is, proper grooming and toning plus experience makes one fine-looking model.  

11 thoughts on “The Amazing Transformation of Jonas Cabuay”

  1. Another model who has been “transformed” is Ian Porlayagan. I hope you can feature his before and after photos

  2. You’re right that “proper grooming and toning plus experience makes one fine-looking model.” In Jonas’ case, however, it cannot hide the fact that his body lacks proportion. The head looks small. Kasi he’s so tall, long-necked and the body is rather well-built. Parang si Goma, maybe Johnron also.

  3. omg. sarap dilaan ng treasure trail niya! weeeee. what i would give to lick that abs with carpet = nokia 1208. hahahhahahaha.

  4. Ang aarte naman ng mga analysis! Kung huhubad ‘yan sa harap n’yo mag-a-analyze pa ba kayo? LOL I actually like him better with the long hair, the ‘before’ pic. Mas regular guy ang dating.

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