Tis The Season!

The season of bikini contests, of course! Summer’s not through yet, and the competitions where the boys strut their stuff and stuffed swimwear are still up and running. Cosmo Manila King & Queen 2022 (The Search for RisquΓ© Runway Models) features veteran bikini contestants and newbies like l-r: Dom Corilla (who was Manhunt Phils 2019), Christian Villarin, Allen Molina, Vincent Caringal and Nash Kho. Who’s your best bet?

42 thoughts on “Tis The Season!”

    1. I suggest you attend GAD webinars (Gender and Development) program. To judge a person as “paminta” “effiminate” “closet queen” etc undermines one’s gender identity and expression. Unless that person will identify to a certain spectrum under LGBTQ+++, then you can label and tag that individual. Who are you to judge anyway?

      1. Truth. Do porke malambot kumilos, bakla na. And di porke macho ang datingan, straight na. It is still one’s preference and unless one identifies himself/herself, no one can assume.

  1. The boy who have nude video or uncensored frontal nudity is our only bes t bet. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎.

  2. Major downgrade yung pagsali ni Dom Corilla. From pageant to bikini contest. Pero in fairness siya yung hottest dito. Ang sexy.

  3. bkt naging cheap c dom corilla anyaree at npasama s mga bikini open boys?under ke jonas gaffud dati yan at naging candidate ng pinas sa manhunt int’l.

  4. Sarap ni Dom. Never ko na imagine na sasali siya sa cheap bikini open considering na galing syang USA.
    Well mas may chance na yung mga bakla na matikman sya ngayon.

  5. At age 29, ang fresh at yummy pa rin ni Allen Molina. Kahit may anak na, pwedeng pwede pa rin. Hiwalay na ba sila nung jubis nyang Asawa?

  6. mukhang this time me tulog c allen ke nash kho n ilang beses n nya naging runner up s mga bikini open.mas yummy katawan ni nash ngyn at nsa condition unlike ke allen mukhang d p ganun ka fit wala maxado abs.

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