Victor Valerio is big!

Remember the guy in the amazing gravity-defying bikini? Victor Valerio aka Zaldy Valerio was recently seen at a contest in Bed – a gay dance club in Malate district, and it looks like he got a bit hefty. The 6’2″-tall hunk was pretty “decent” this time though as he did not don any teenie-weenie flimsy-fabric bikini. Too, he handily won the contest, as he towered over the competition. Andrew Wolff was surprisingly on hand at that time to award him his prize.

8 thoughts on “Victor Valerio is big!”

  1. this guy is so hot..i’ve lookin for him coz i find him really hot….anyone knows where i can catch him?????

  2. i’ve always been into this victor valerio guy. eversince i first saw his pics from this blog months ago. i even bought stardancer because of him. he is like the not so popular piolo pascual with all the looks and package. pinoy na pinoy.

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