Hot Men in the Philippines

❤ Jakey


Happiness is Jake Cuenca.

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    1. Mas nakakadiri yung tatlong former Mutya (Mutya-Botox, Mutya-Chinchansu, Mutya-Gluta) sa harap ni Jake. They are looking at one spot at takam2 talaga sila sa etits ni Cuenca. Pa demure pa si Lola Monchang (Mutya-Gluta).

  1. I just have to say that I find Jake Cuenca’s stunt in the recent Bench bodyfest as so ill-prepared and bordering on pathetic and desperate even. Hindi man lang niya pinaghandaan ng physique which befits the occasion samantalang alam naman niya at ng manager niya na ikukumpara siya sa sandamakmak na mga bortang rarampa onstage once he hits the glaring spotlight. Jake obviously just took the event for granted. You call that going out with a bang? It was more of a pitiful whimper with that out of shape body of his – never mind the teenie weenie appendage.

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