Hot Men in the Philippines

50 Shades of Rhoads

One hunk who’s quietly working under the radar in Manila is Matthias Rhoads. Anyone who can sing and dance and act on live stage is a mean feat, and he’s got my admiration. The half-nakedness is, of course, the bonus for most parts.

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    1. Kahit pala mukhang paa basta nakita mo titi hot na pala e. Dapat di na to pinakocomment. Di ko dapat to papatulan pero nakakainis na mga pinagsasabi

        1. Potaka di ko sya shempre pwede ifeature sa shows ko dahil baka magningning na naman mga mata ko mabukelya pa akez

        1. Ah talagah Tonypet, ok bet ko na siya. Saba ba talaga kung saba. Ohhhhh saba ni Juancho. Pupuno ng quifie ko.

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