Addy Rad!

Addy Raj is determined and he wants your attention! He’s spiking up the sexiness a wee bit and it looks like it’s working. The loose Bench Body undies highlight his, uh, manly shapes and stuff, revealing quite a little of that junk in the trunk. Isn’t he a hottie?

52 thoughts on “Addy Rad!”

    1. Me video pero walang jack-off makikita. Dirty-talking and pinapakita lang dila.



  1. Ughh… Addy makes me question my sexuality huhu. How can he and his rock-hard abs be coupled with a boyish charm and nice/naughty smile?

  2. Siya ba yung dumidila? “Come here” sabi niya tapos bigla nandila kaloka! Mahilig kumain ng tahong ang puta! Hahahaha

    1. Bobita fren, Rad is a word that means very appealing. You don’t know how witty RD is. you’re not an avid visitor here. Get out!

    2. *facepalm*

      It’s a play on words, goddammit, just like every other title in this blog.

      “Rad” as in “cool”, because it’s close to his surname, Raj. I swear, the level of intellect on some of the people who comment here is abysmmal.

    3. Alam ni RD yon, pero it’s a play on words. Alam mo ba ibig sabihin ng ‘rad’? Mukhang hindi. Saka nakakatawa naman yung ‘loves your blog’ hahahaha It’s “love your blog!”.

      1. Nagpakita ka ng katangahan at kabobohan. It would have taken less than 30 secs to check out the word “rad”.

  3. bad smell ang hininga. kili kili at nota nia! he had sex with my trans friend before pa sya pumasok sa showbiz sad but true he’s good looking tho. he is a former camboy

        1. 10:41 why would I stfu? for what reason? lels. kung makagamit ng stfu. haha. it’s your words against mine, proletariat. probably because you and your trash friend weren’t worth cleaning up. so there. haha

      1. Racism is judging people according to the physical attributes of their race. Kaya may putok ang karamihan sa mga Indiano at Arabo ay dahil hindi nila kaugalian na magdeodorant hindi dahil sa race nila.

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