Ageless, too


This is what Brent Javier looks like now. Although he’s getting a bit rusty around the edges, the young-looking commercial and ramp model is still endorsing underwear, among his many other model activities and projects.  I’m not complaining now: well-toned bod, tiny cheap-ass undies, and erect dick! Looks good, if you ask me.

43 thoughts on “Ageless, too”

  1. Amazing Brent Javier. I was still a college student in 2003 when he became big in the modeling scene. Remember the Pond’s ad with Karel Marquez? Wow! It’s been 13 years!

  2. i don’t understand his hairstyle.
    he wants it to be messy-looking, but it doesn’t fit him right…
    he should be sporting the boy next door type of hairstyle…
    who wants to agree to disagree?

  3. Di ba there were rumors na naging sila ni Pioling noon sa ABS. Kaso baka parehong bottom kaya hindi nag prosper hahahahah

  4. San niyo ba napupulot mga chismis niyo? 😂😂😂 straight siya at gf niya is a 21 year old lady named Janna Tee yung endorser ng SM youth!

        1. Hindi alam nung Janna na beki bf kuno nya hahahaha pag magkahiwalay na sila e dun gumagawa ng milagro si Brent!!!

        2. Eh di Tanungin mo si Janna kung nagsesex sila malamng isasagot nun e Brent does not believe in premarital sex and he believes in the sanctity of marriage HAHAHAHAHAH

    1. Teh,

      If you’re within his circle and part of his modelling career, you would know that he’s Bi at VERY active.

      Diba Albert?

  5. he is sooooo hot…really…makes you want to wish you’re his make up artist, wardrobe assistant, whatever. anything just so you can be near him. i wouldn’t mind really.

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