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AJ Winkler and Don Mendoza for Bench

Although the new Bench Body ads with the 300 theme are a wee bit photoshopped to glossy finish, don’t get tired yet about the male forms in those tight skivvies. Shown above are AJ Winkler [red briefs] and Don Mendoza, male models who are always together in print ads and fashion adverts, I’m now beginning to wonder why. Both competed at the 2004 MTV Fashionista Best Model Search, where AJ Winkler bagged the Mr. Intercontinental-Phils award [while Don Mendoza went home empty-handed]. Yet Don Mendoza was this year’s Philippine rep to Manhunt International in China. Both are under the wings of model-maker and publicist Keren Pascual.
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  1. beginning to wonder why? dont be! kerenpascual s d new suyen corp. head of publicity and promotions. come 2010, a very famous international/hollywood star will grace the bench billboard.

  2. one thing i notice in men’s underwear ads and billboards: photoshoppe-ing is used also to “de-bulge” male models’ crotches to make it appear less prominent and therefore “wholesome”. one gets cross-eyed figuring out where exactly is the cockhead? same thing with doug kramer’s bench billboard, and of that ogre-looking creature, bruce quebral, and lots more. none. nada. nihil…don mendoza here does not have a crotch; he has a flat “pekpek” hahaha

  3. CHUCHI, NOW YOU GOT ME GOING…who that “star” could be. is he black or white? singer, actor or both? U.S.A., Aussie or Limey? i know bench is just hitting this part of the globe and is being marketed as a british design line of apparel. its target – the -30s something, definitely not the ghetto crowd…NO WILD GUESSES OR GO FIGURE to an open end statement from moi, but 2010? are you sure?seems unrealistic from a business perspective. *****

  4. For the record, Keren Pascual does not manage Don nor AJ. Both of them are under Mercator models. Don is also represented by Upfront in Singapore.

  5. Ay, Chuchi, kung sa 2010 pa yung Hollywood star magpopose for Bench, baka hindi na siya “vey famous internationally,” knowing how perishable fame is, unless sina Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise siya. So obviously, Ben Chan is eyeing the international market in a bigger way.

  6. For the record, Keren Pascual does not manage Don nor AJ. Both of them are under Mercator models. Don is also represented by Upfront in Singapore.

  7. ano kaba chuchi 2010 pa? c piolo pascual, enrique iglesias at yehuda levi ang plano ng bench for summer 2008 ad na bench heat. c wentworth miller sana kinuha nila kaso may bean pole jeans na contract sya. ang saya at sarap nito. excited ako kaya lang sino naman yan c yehuda?

  8. sabi sa tabi tabi si wenthworth nga din d pwede, din justin timberlake din di ko alam bakit di na tuloy, mahal ata? may alicia silverstone pa ans so on…. then si enrique eglisias. so meaning mag pose si papa enrique naka brief o thong o t-bak at nakabukaka ang paa…. grabe kana benchan ha.

  9. You’re right again, Demure, photoshoppe-ing is used to “de-bulge” the models’ crotches to make them “wholesome.” Can you imagine how the conservatives, religious zealots, and moral terrorists would react if they see in the giant billboards Jake Cuenca’s or Raffy Rosell’s cockhead bulging prominently in his briefs? I’m sure even Manoling Morato, whose eyes would pop out covetously, privately, would raise hell. (Ganoon ka-ipokrita ang mga tao.) The last billboard I saw na sexy talaga was when Bench had Jay-R in briefs a few years ago, and to think I’m not a fan of Jay-R’s, I find his face kinda simian but that billboard made me want to eat him alive.

  10. natikman ko na si AJ Winkler back in his college days as a varsity player in Dipolog City…payat pa sya dati at gusgusin…never thought na he wud become a top model today…

  11. ah, ito pala yung ginagamit na picture sa tarpaulin ng king cobra, top gay bar sa olongapo. nag-perform na kaya itong mga model na ito duon? sarap sana…

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