45 thoughts on “Amigo Quit Ink”

  1. Whooopzies!!! Grabeh aman pouh dhat thingie! Xoo tigaz fo lyf pouh!!! Shrap shrap aman, lyk ahrmsh!!! Hihi…

    1. Ay hinde. Sya is Kim ganpoqui. Boba. I was there below the table I just did not allow myself to be pictured

    1. Gagah bka ikaw p bayaran ni kim para pampagamot mo sa utak mo ambisyosa hahaha.myaman ang pamilya nyan at maski c kim me pera dahil manager sa isang insurance cfirm yan.

  2. Usually thereโ€™s already about 20 comments or more at this time. I miss the nasty and downright hilarious comments.

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