55 thoughts on “Analyzing Dom”

    1. i want dom to ANALize me.. and i will lick him dry and empty.. i will suck all his feces from his m ale pussy thats just awesome

      1. You are funny “besh” kc bobitang epal ka lang. waka alam kaya manahimik kang epal ka. Siguro bansot ka 1:35pm kaya na offend ka sa bansot comment ko. Ah bansot ahahahahahha labettttt

  1. Wala. I was there at that exact changing room during the Thursday rehearsal. He went to fit that green underwear; went to the cubicle and changed to that.

    1. If Ben Chan sees you, I’m sure he’ll also give you one but yours will be the gold Rolex with diamonds. Super pogi mo dude.

    1. Typical Un-Original Stupid is at it again.

      Ngayon nagpanggap na siya sina Bethany at CQ.

      Pero labas parin STUPIDTY kase comment format SAME parin at kinapitalized yung C sa chiminurva when the original is lower-case c.

      Sigh, Stupid Andres is getting stupider.

  2. Grabe naman kakalibog sya infer hanggang nagyon mukhang malinis at fresh, di gaya ng nangyari kay Jake Cuenca na ambilis malosyang after nagamit ng huso ni Benchan

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