Hot Men in the Philippines

And your shape on the dance floor


Last seen as one of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s hot 69 bachelors, Filipino-French Julien Ruppert sheds down to his boxer briefs for more teasin’ and pleasin’. The 19-year-old cutie is not only an underwear model (and boy, he can fill ’em in!), he’s also a hiphop dancer who can bust some serious moves. Who knows, he might be breaking and popping in dem briefs in the near future?

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  1. sarap pagjakolan ng lalaking toh ang taba sarap nman khit na cguro isang buwan na nkikipagsex ka diyan di ka magsasawa

  2. Putsa naman!Hindi pa matigas yan huh?Just imagine kapag tigas na tigas na yan eh mas malaki pa?Shit!Ang sarap yakapin at luhuran!

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