Andrew So Fine

It’s model-athlete and agent provocateur Andrew Wolff! He is still hot, isn’t he? To those who have been to the Island of Boracay recently, the big bad Wolff is a regular fixture on the beach. This hunk is often seen plodding and tramping through the sands, shirtless with loose board shorts you wish they would just fall off. He’s supposed to be busy with his rugby team and apparently, he’s not into showbiz and modeling anymore as he has been scarce on tv and the Manila scene.

18 thoughts on “Andrew So Fine”

  1. wow, sarap naman ni Andrew, mukhang malaki yung kargada, ang kinis pa, ala kaya itong sex video?

  2. kilala ko boyfriend ni andrew wolfe! isang mayamang lalaki at sa ibang bansa lagi sila nag ddate

  3. hay naku he’s not aging gracefully. a few years ago certified makalaglag panty talaga. eh these days, he’s not even worth a second look. mapagtyatyagaan na lang.

  4. hay eto ang pamatay…..oozing with animalistic appeal………….gusto ko siya gusto ko siyang tikman

  5. blah..blah..blah…all talk…

    all claims…whatever suits your happiness…fine…so repulsive….


  6. He is 40K, but boring in bed and uncut, his dick is huge pero hindi tumitigas gaano sa sobrang steroids na nainom ng pok pok nayan.

  7. He’s not into modelling and showbiz anymore? Hmmm, makes one wonder how this guy makes money to survive!?

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