Andrew Wolff’s back…

Last seen in Boracay Island where most celebrities go during the Semana Santa, Andrew is back and still ripped and roaring. He was spotted in the company of native girls during his stay in the not-so-pristine-island, and no, he didn’t bring a girlfriend along. For a time, Andrew disappeared, said to be back in Birmingham, England to continue his studies. But now he is back in Manila, where he is much welcome, bad-boy image or queer-bait model that he is.

Andrew in Boracay Island during the Holy Week.

6 thoughts on “Andrew Wolff’s back…”

  1. Wahaw!!! I love that first pic. Who was the darn lucky photographer that shared this momentous moment with my BF.haha I wish. Yeah..share the pic naman.


  2. i saw him at the gym, with his dad. i didn’t realize that he’s so tall and huge..i mean, i could fit 2 of me in his body.


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