61 thoughts on “Beast Mode”

  1. O mga baklush baka maghanap na naman kayo ng scandal video ng mga ito. Magsitigil na kayo sa mga ilusyon niyo ha!

  2. Crush ko yang si Atilio. Nadiscover ko siya sa Cosmocenterfold 2016. Talagang malakas appeal kahit sa face palang, malalabasan kana. Hahahh

      1. Ano po ba sinabi ko at nasabi mong si nga ko type? I think u need more time to study about comprehension reading.

      2. Siguro ang sad ng life mo kaya mo nasabi yan. Try to surround urself with positive people po para brighten up ang outlook mo sa life. God bless Anon 9:14am

  3. Atilio lives in Jazz Residences lagi ko nakikita sa gym
    Kasama nung maduming brothers na sina Rendon

    1. We showed him a screenshot of this comment of yours, Dearie, and we all laughed at it.

      What a joke you are.

  4. Talap talap! I want these boys!
    Sawa na ako sa mga bikini boys na may fungal infection sa singit at maiitim !!! LOL

    1. Believe me, Dearie, you’re better off trying to win the lottery before even spending your…”savings”.

        1. No, dearie, but low-born homos have no right to say things without any proof to back up their claims.

          1. proof here? hahaha barking on a wrong tree. don’t feel entitled, dearie. they can say what they want to say in this slutfest of a blog.

        1. Please prepare my meals, clean the lavatories and go shop for my groceries, dearie.

          You’re wasting valuable time replying to your superiors.

          1. bessy dear, present a proof that dyosang maguindara is beneath you in all aspects. if you can’t, then you have no right to say and claim things. funny thing, you have been replying to those you consider beneath you. how is that for being the lowest of the low?

          2. arte mo naman. kala mo naman totoo na ipaglilinis ka ng sink, etc. ikaw yung pag nakaaway, masasapak agad kasi bwisit tapos feeling super ganda

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