Beautiful Boys

4boysIt’s a motley crew of pretty, fresh boys who have taken their shirts off in the name of hotness! Wryan Chua is situated leftmost, a Mr. Chinatown runner-up and a student at the CEU. Next to him is Mr. Chinatown Jan Louie Ngo, a 22-year-old graduate of Management of Financial Institutions at De La Salle University Manila.  And then there’s Cedric Evan Vergonia, back in Manila after his U.S. immigration try, some controversies, and 15 minutes of fame in a noontime show. He’s also the Bodyshots 2013 winner.  Righmost guy is Matt Singson, also known Albie Casino‘s best buddy. Who’s the hottest?

56 thoughts on “Beautiful Boys”

  1. i’d go for wryan chua! he’s flawless, have a perfect body and he’s simply sexy and adorable! i luv him already! more of him pls!

  2. To be honest Mas Guapo si Wryan kesa kay Jan Louie pero pag nag salita at packaging mukhang mamahalin si Jan plus, Jan came from a very good school pa

  3. pinaka-hot si wryan chua. ang kinis at ang puti kc nya….typical tsinoy! seguro pinkish ang titi nya at mabango’t masarap ang tamod nya!

    1. mas ok kung beki si wryan! papatol yan sa kapwa natin! di ba? anyway, he looks manly enough to be idolized by the sambayanang kabaklaan! go wryan! go! prove your worth that you are worthy to be idolized and loved! ipakita mo na lahat!

  4. Evan was sent back home from the US by his beki ex-lover… pahiya sya kasi nagpaalam na sya na for good na sya sa US hahahaha

  5. Pansin ko lang during the contest e ang kendeng ni Wryan Chua habang naglalakad. Look for the video on Youtube yung swimwear portion I swear!!!!

  6. I would go for Matt so hot! Nakita ko na yan sa Boaracay laging naka shorts and shirtless ang ganda ng katawan. Araw araw ko sinusundan makita ko lang hahahahaha

  7. Naging syota ng friend ko na gay c cedric evan bago pa sya nanalo sa bodyshots iniwan nya friend ko nong makilala nya si bong prada climber,gold digger kc saka feeling sikat..

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