Body Wonderland

One of the most featured guys recently is Tanner Mata and you know the reason why: heโ€™s one of the underwear boys of Avon Phils. Although youโ€™ve seen every bump, nook and crevice in his delightful body, somehow he still manages to stir some loins with a new photo such as this one.

66 thoughts on “Body Wonderland”

  1. Yummy body, check! Handsome face, check! Hairy armpits, check! Daks titi, check! Puhrang ikaw na po ang puhrfect kua Tanner!!! Hihi!!!

  2. Ang sarap talaga ni Tanner. May shot siya sa PBB na confirmed na ang laki talaga. Coming out of the pool so totoo talaga na malaki.

  3. Why cant he be built up by abs cbn to become a leading man material …what is wrong with his studio? I guess he does not fuck around,so meaning he cant get projects? …is that so? Showbiz is cruel and hypocrisy

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