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Boxing Day Hunk

IMG_3894 IMG_3899Today is Boxing Day, a legal holiday in some parts of the world. It is the tradition of giving seasonal gifts in Christmas boxes to workers, employees and social inferiors, which boxes are opened on the day after Christmas. Boxing Day has also been associated with sports in early village celebrations such that it has been traditionally believed that is a holiday for boxing. And then again I’m just trying to find means to post these hot photos of Janvier Daily, who figured most recently in an interesting video.

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  1. I want to have sex with Ms./Mr. Dantes. I don’t really care what gender. I am bisexual anyway. I’m not as good-looking as the models featured on this blogsite, but I think I look fine. My exes told me so. I’m 5’10. This is not my real name but I’m really half Chinese. Please say yes!

  2. Fall from grace. He nearly made it. Pwede na sya mag mainstream kaso he got into the wrong crowd and girlfriend na balahura. Sayang!

  3. Just saw him outside Glorietta4, carrying a huge Toys R Us shopping bag. He has gotten so fat. Big belly, as in protruding. Looked very unappealing. Sayang. A far cry from when he was active in movies

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