Boxing Day Hunk

Today is Boxing Day, a legal holiday in some parts of the world. It is the tradition of giving seasonal gifts in Christmas boxes to workers, employees and social inferiors, which boxes are opened on the day after Christmas. Boxing Day has also been associated with sport in early village celebrations such that it has been traditionally believed that is a holiday for boxing. And then again I’m just trying to find means to post this hot photo of Martin‘s younger brother Luke Jickain, a full-time runway and commercial model who also has a penchant for wearing pants that seem to fall down to the pubis area.

29 thoughts on “Boxing Day Hunk”

  1. Buti naman wala nagke claim na nahada na sya. Pansin ko lang pag disente yung modelo e walang nambabastos hahaha.

  2. Madami naman kasi gumagawa nyang nagpapahada na yan, pero wag lahatin. Di lahat ng lalaki sa showbiz or modeling world e may bayad. Madami, yes. Pero not all.

  3. Super dakota itong si Luke. Nakikita ko sya magbihis sa mga show nya masyadong nakakagigil. Ang bait bait pa nya. Walang sinabi sa size nya ang ibang modelo kahit mas matangkad pa sa kanya.

  4. OH BOXING DAY!…your definition – maybe YES, maybe NO. the real meaning of Boxing Day has been overshadowed by one word – SHOPPING. like its U.S. “day after Thanksgiving” counterpart, Boxing Day is shopping madness, till-you-drop day in some Commonwealth countries. boxing day could also mean fighting with the stores customer service personnel trying to return or exchange unwanted gifts they got for Christmas. lately on Boxing Day, has some brave, youngish men and women (usually clubs) dipping into the cold, icy lake, sea or river waters in their bathing suits, imitating polar bears, maybe chilling out the stress of the holidays or proving their virility…how you plan to spend the day is all yours to enjoy, but for me AX stores open at 8:00 AM. i shall be first in line.

  5. Lahat naman kasi na lang nahada na nila eh. mga nag cocomment lang kasi dito eh mga bading na parlorista at masabi na lang kung ano ano wala naman katotohanan. pansinin ninyo lahat na lang sinasabi nahada na siya. o kaya bading. hehe

  6. hay sarap iuwi ke mommy at ipakilalang boyfriend mo. Pero kung hindi rin lang fatal ang ganda mo, wag na lang, mukha kang PA beside him. I love you, Luke!

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