Boys Briefly

Well, what can I do if these are the only boys dropping trou these days? Daniel Matsunaga still does it for Avon Men, while Vin Abrenica’s continues to feel beautiful in Hanford. There is always someone for everyone, and the boys are serving the fans some underwear bulge hotness here.

16 thoughts on “Boys Briefly”

  1. Palala ng palala ang mukha ni Vin. Hindi na pantay mata nya. At parang nilamutak yung the rest ng face. Parang clay sculpture na dilapidated.

  2. Kayo naman. For a change, pogi d2 si Vin. Maganda kuha nia kya lang… bket may lavacara??? Tuma tanders na si Matsupaga, wala pa rin maaninag na bukol

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