Hot Men in the Philippines

Boys in Town

The boys are in town and they’re heating up this side of the tropics! Married hottie couple Rhonee Rojas and Ho Vinh Khoa, known for their social media derring-do and then some, continue to shoot some material for their fans. Will it be more daring than their previous posts?



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  1. Hi! Add me up on FB /Twitter / IG: Diego Barros. Also, check my vids on some adult sites or google me to check my cock. 🙂

    1. So what kung supot?.. That is how they are, who are you to judge? Siguro sa pinoy pa lang nakikita mo kaya di ka aware sa itsura ng penis ng ibang nationalities..

      1. Yo, I live in the US, and I’ve had my fill of dicks. Did you think. I was judging them? Wow! I was describing the obvious. For you, that judging them. You’re up in arms about my alleged judging of them, yet you have no problem judging me. You’re a crock and a hypocrite.

        1. Haynakers. What is with filipinos and their morbid fascination of circumcision? Majority of males are not circumcised, darling. Do your research.

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