Boys of the night

SlaterGinoLeave it to the side posts for the sleaze. Today’s main post consists of cute and adorable boys who go by the names of Jan Slater Young (left) and Gino Santos. Of course, you’ve seen Slater before, who shot to his 15 minutes of fame via the local Big Brother franchise. Now, this Gino is interesting because he works behind the scenes: as a movie director! He helmed the recently-shown Ex With Benefits starring Derek Ramsay.

42 thoughts on “Boys of the night”

  1. Funny story. My gay friend got matched on Tinder with Gino. He wasn’t into guys daw and was dating a girl at that time. He was just casting daw and looking for ~fresh faces~ to cast. Few days later, they started having sex.

  2. Yan na ang uso ngayon yung halatang hindi halata haha!! I so could relate to this.. Yung feeling na may mutual attraction kayong 2 even na magkatinginan lang kayo or akbayan ka niya is sooo kiliggg!! Ganyan na ganyan kami ng bandmate ko ngayon, hay!!! Thanks rd for this. 🙂

  3. Nitong mga nakaraang buwan busy si Slater sa kanyang project related sa natapos niyang kurso. Pag gumigimik sya o gusto mag relax madalas dito lang sa Cebu kasama ang new gf niya…

  4. Gino is gay but who cares, he’s effin hot. I wanna date him so being gay means I have higher chances of taking him home.

    RD, feature his friend EJ Serrano as well. I heard that guy has nudes. Not sure if he’s gay as well though

    1. Ugh. Kastress jowa niyang si Sean Go ngayon. Lakas maka SOCIAL CLIMBER ang PEG. Saw him on Finders with a few celebs. Iniwan lang saglit ni Jasmine Curtis, nagunaw na mundo ni bakla. Kaloka si mars!

  5. Gino Santos’ looks rival, if not in fact surpass, the actors in his films. Plus with his impressive talents & achievements as a director–total turn on. I’d love to pound him like a champion, he’s that hot.

  6. eh yung baklitang chaka bf ni direk kinailangan pa daw bumili ng followers sa instagram para maka keep up sa celeb friends nya. Eh wala pa din naman nagla-like ng photos nya???

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