Bulging Through

I can’t blame the two dudes admiring/ogling at Angelo Cacciatore’s fine physical features. Ten years ago, the Italian ballet dancer was topping the odds to be the Mossimo winner (he was co-first runner-up with Geron Chang -read story and comments here and here –  to Jiro Shirakawa). This year, he’s gearing up to be the Century Tuna Superbods winner. Will he make it on finals night?

48 thoughts on “Bulging Through”

      1. offended ka yata regarding sa matatanda, senior ka na siguro. kasi lahat ng comment regarding dyan sa matatanda pinapatulan mo Andres hahaha sorry na po manong.

  1. The guy in the middle, parang kamukha niya yung sa sex vid na napanood ko many years ago. Mas bata partner niya sa vid.

  2. Ewan anong naisipan ng century tuna. Mej kaderder lang talaga na may mga kulobot at amuy lupa sa line up.

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