Bursting at the Seams

New model Jeremy Blake Woodward is having a grand time! The 19-year-old Fil-British cutie was recently featured in Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s annual list of 69 hot boys.  At the Cosmo Bash, his boxer briefs barely held his package. The 6’1″-tall model was formerly a member of the University of the East Red Warriors basketball team.

53 thoughts on “Bursting at the Seams”

  1. he is aformer varsity player of ue, he was removed because his priority is modelling. Hindi naman ganyang kalaki yan, says one of my friends who is a UE player.
    Obvious ba, naka labacara yan to attract attention.

    May nagturo na dyan na mag labacara siya para mag salivate na naman ang mga baklang hindi alam kung ano ang tunay na bukol at kung ano ang peke at nilagyan lang ng labacara.

  2. UE varsity kami? Hmmm paging GINO ETRONE, MARCY ARELLANO, GINO ARELLANO, LUCAS TAGARDA, JAMES YAP, hmmmm sino pa from UE? What do they have in common? tsk tsk

  3. Oh Jer, is a total hottie in these pix 🙂
    His new girl is so lucky to have him, because he is not only a major hottie, but a very sensitive loving kind of guy 🙂

  4. He’s a nice guy. Worked with in a fashion shoot. He’s cut. We joked around during the shoot and he said his mom wanted him cut.

  5. Anonymous said…

    Corrected by! Ampfftt.. ang inaantay ko ay yung butt exposure ni markii sa amor y muerte sna mg.post kna RD

    Tuesday, 01 October, 2013

    ditto 🙂 waiting too 🙂 wanna see it 🙂 because markii is cute 🙂

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