Hot Men in the Philippines

Bushy in the water

Joem Olaguer

Well, don’t mind the toque (the chef hat). That puzzles me, too, with the pool in the background. The thing is, I have always pointed out to you dear wayward readers that Cebu is such a treasure-trove of cute guys. His name is Joem Olaguer and he reminds me of bikini open vet (now retired because of a job in Macau) Stephen Dorschner. This Cebuano hottie will just have to take the place of Mr. Dorschner then.

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  1. Tanginang bulbol yan! Ang kapal! Saaraaap supsupin at dilaan. Ngungudngod ko mukha ko sa gubat n yan!

  2. Kung topnotch physique at overall impact rin lang ang pag-uusapan, Basel Manapil should have placed and even won Hataw Superbodies over that Adonis guy. Highly questionable why he was chosen as a contestant but not to win. Ginamit lang to add commercial appeal to this contest?

  3. ‘yong basel manapil, kamag-anak ba sya ni vice ganda? mukha kc syang kabayo … haba ng mukha at parang mala-kabayo din ang burat! pero ‘yong cebuano, ang sarap samantalahin. matigas titi nyan kc kumakain ng bigas na mais! oh i luv cebuano guys… matitigas pati dila nila…hehehe!

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