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Yesterday my email received quite a number of requests for a Chema Marquez a.k.a. Kenji Marquez post. I figured, he’s now a private person and wondered about the sudden interest in one of the original Bench Body models. And then again, I’m only too willing to oblige lest the angry, complaining lot descend on this site again. Today, we have a Kenji Marquez post.


Kenji first appeared as one of the Bench underwear models 12 years ago. He’s seen here in the China launch of the underwear line.


Back then he was in good(looking) company. He was with Zanjoe Marudo, Luke Jickain, Corey Wills, Einar Ingebrigtsen, Victor Basa, Andrew Wolff, Alvin Alfonso, Rocky Salumbides and Jon Mullally. It was a fab lot of handsome boys assembled by Bench. But I digress.


After that China stint, Mr. Marquez modeled for Bench for a while.

kenji4 kenji5

As one of the favored ones, Bench even included him in a coffee table book. Sexy, eh?


Chema also dabbled into acting, most of the time as the token Japanese guy. He claims he doesn’t have Japanese blood, actually. Born Jose Manuel Marquez Laurel, he comes from a long line of prominent personalities in politics, entertainment and fashion. Chema is now off the showbiz grid as he works in a bank.

37 thoughts on “By request: Kenji Marquez”

  1. Thanks a lot, Sir RD! He’s one of the 10 centerfold of Cosmopolitan Magazine 69 Bachelors in 2001 together with Alex Aquino, Christian Vasquez, Jon Hall, Luke MMucklin, Derek Ramsey, Rafael Roces IV, Troy Montero, Kalani Ferreria and Nick Hopper.

  2. kenjie is terribly hot, he’s so fuckable in gray string bikinis of yummy and delicioso! luv to suck and lick him all over.

  3. it is indeed a good lot— sorely missing jon, alvin and corey — what happened to them? where are they now?

    1. He tried… Him, Vic Bada, and alot others.
      Unfortunately, international designers and casters back then have different tastes and there were only a finger counting number of asian models, mostly women, back then.
      So, no, only Rocky Salumbides and other guy made it internationally… if anyone could that a feat.

  4. crush ko siya during my college days and yes he’s still yummy as ever as seen on the bench blog. RD pwede pakipost naman kung ano na itsura ni alvin alfonso ngayon? crush ko rin siya.

  5. Pls dont do vid trade with Carlos Baysan.. Madami na naloko ang isang yan… Pls pass and share sa mga traders na kakilla nyo. Mas masahol pa yan dun sa Mikee Pamintuan.

  6. DJ Alvey Alfonso umuwi na sa Canada may anak na. Kala ko bekla sya kasi mahinhin , hindi naman pala hehehe

  7. He’s original screen name is Kenjihiro Motoki or Kenji Motoki for short.
    Uso kc ang foreign sounding names before and it gave him the edge in the fashion circuit.
    Racist kc ang fashion industry (even now) over local filipino talents. Ampapanget din kc ng mga build ng mga noyps dati. Hence, a local name would easily be frowned on paper. So his then manager suggested a japanese sounding name which matched his looks to easily mark and remember him by cast directors.

    Correction… he started out in the late 90s around 1997/1998 until he became noticeable. Ben Chan noticed him in 2000 and he soon appeared on magazines and in Bench runaways.
    He even tried showbiz but felt that it wasn’t for him. Kinulang din kc sa masa appeal despite the number of fans.

    Un lang… I really miss him 🙂

  8. Yan ang TYPE! Not just because he is HOT, but also because he’s UNATTAINABLE – kasi he’s really from a well off family with social and political influence over Philippine history – he is a true member of the Laurel clan! Sana may mga taga Forbes/Dasma/Urdaneta pa na mag Bench. Glad to know he’s ageing well.

  9. nag labas kasi ang bench ng parang life after the spotlight ng male models nila. sila kenji, jon hall and 2 pa. kaya siguro may mga nag email about him. very tbt to 🙂

  10. parang hindi nag-circulate sa web yung pic with andrew wolff in tiny briefs. sana may ibang anggulo nito

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