35 thoughts on “Candid and loving it”

    1. Because that is all you can do!

      Too bad doesn’t publish my comments, because he knows that you Baklushes get all riled up. hehehehe

  1. Putang ina, ang sarap mo Jerome. Nakatutok pa ang titi sakin. Isusubo ko yan nang bonggang bongga. Didilaan ko buong katawan mo at chuchupain ka hanggang umungol ka sa sarap. Uubusin ko lahat ng tamod mo, tangina. Ang gwapo mo, pagkasarap-sarap mong chupain.

  2. Gwapo sya in person. pero mukhang tumatanda na sya BECAUSE of his bodybuilding pursuits. di gaya nung araw na ang cute nya talaga.

  3. I like this guy a lot. Ever since you posted his picture on your blog, I have been searching other pics of him in the net.

  4. He has pictures with VPL which emphasizes the size of his manhood. I must say he only has a regular penis size of about 4 inches already erect.

  5. Grabe. ang pogi nitong lalaking ito. Lalaking lalaki! puting puti ang kutis ng katawan, ang pogi-pogi! 🙂

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