33 thoughts on “Candid Carlo”

  1. Oh, this reminds me of whenever my friend bathes the furkids. Scrubbing, he goes, “wash your ti(2x), clean & bright…”, to a merry tune. And adds, “dapat, clean ang bird kasi ang mga mommy, gusto nila mabango ang bird”.

  2. Wow! BULBOL!!!!!!!!!!!
    And take note : Since nasa kalagitnaan siya ng workout, siguradong pawis na pawis yan! Aaaaaaaaay! <3
    In short, nakita na natin ang Bulbol niya while they are at the height of muskiness and stinky-ness!
    On a scale of 1-10, gano kaya katapang ang intensity ng masarap na manstink ng pubes niya nwoh?

  3. Bata ngayon yan ni Arnold V., pero kahati niya sa allowance at perks c Ben C., …..may bago na naman playmate c David L. nito hahahahaha

  4. Agree that this boy can easily become the hottest fantasy of gaydom! That peek of the pubic patch triggers an alert! Damn that doggo! It should have pulled them boxers lower! 🤪

  5. Ohh ehm geeh Momsh RD!!! Puhrang shooo kapal aman pouh ng bulbol ni koyah pouh! Puhrang shashabit pouh jan ang brashesh quoh pouh fo shure! hihi…

      1. Ahm tita, why u pouh puhrang sho inggit sha brashesh quoh pouh? gushto u pouh bah sha yo na lang after quoh gamitin pouh? hihi…

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