16 thoughts on “Changing Undies”

  1. John has undeniably gained the notorious dad bod, and he seems to be a has-been in the underwear fashion modelling. Perhaps, Bench has had enough of his body, not unless he maintains his popularity and charm. My hunch is Bench wants to parade kinky boys in their fresh bodies. This is understandable for commercialism objectives. But for me, I always find hot dad bods or beefy guys parade in underwear. I hope Bench considers it.

  2. Nagsawa na si Ben Chan kay John. Meron na kasi siyamg Derrick at David na sabay niyang nilalaro.

  3. Fantasizing on this man. Ito ang dahilan kung bakit gumanda si Aya Abezamis, kuminis ang hitad. Twice ba naman every week na lapirutin ang t ni Aya.

  4. John Spainhour is and always be in my list of wet dreams no matter what age and how he looks and no matter what underwear he endorses…much better if we can see him again naked! Celebrate Mr. Spainhour!

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