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Whatever happened to male model Jobo Roa? After winning the modeling tilt Body Shots 2008, industry insiders were expecting that his rise to the top of the business would be quite,uh, meteoric. After all, he was the surprise winner in the prestigious contest for top models. The 20-year-old hunk from Cagayan de Oro City is still in the biz, regularly seen in the Fashion Week events as one of the male models on the busy runways. As for the high-profile projects on tv, it seems that the offers have been pretty much scarce.
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  1. Very adorable boy. TAll and good looking. Spoke with him in one event and he seems nice. I hope he finds the right projects soon.

    But what’s with the outfit? Is that something someone would REALLY wear?


  2. wow cute naman ni Jobo. kaklase sya ng sister ko dati. and I swear sobrang ma appeal sya lalo na nung kulot pa sya..

  3. di ba sumali na sya dati sa Mr. World ata, or was that sa Mr. Philippines? Hindi nga lang nanalo pero finalist.

  4. I like him , nakatrabaho ko na sya dati sa mga runway projects. very professional sya at tahimik lang. di gaya ng ibang maiingay at obnoxious na models gaya ni ….

  5. mga hitad, wag ng malandi, kapag sa harap ko naghubad si marco, deretso subo na ito, lulutuin ko ang itlog nya sa nag-iinit kong bibig. walang titing pangit sa bungangang maliit (pa-virgin!)

  6. he is the boyfriend of Cata Figueroa, a fashion director. mga 3 years na sila at dedicated si jobo sa relasyon nila. kaya nga may mga shows pa rin sya dahil kay Cata. balita beki na rin ito.

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